Scrappy vs. Reyes Valenti & Cameron

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One of the best parts of being the boss of your own wrestling company is making my hottest wrestlers fight each other for my amusement. Scrappy has developed a reputation for being flawless as fuck. Young Reyes has been mostly a prettyboy jobber in his past matches. He’s adorable, but a little shy. I’m hoping Scrappy can help him out, but anybody can see from the glint in Scrappy’s eye that he has other plans. Maybe I intended this. Maybe I set the whole thing up so I’d have an excuse to punish Scrappy. But for now, it’s Scrappy “training” the handsome jobber Reyes. 

“Take it easy,” I caution him before stepping away. Scrappy pulls off his shirt, which must be intimidating for Reyes. Reyes peels off his own shirt, revealing a less built but by no means less beautiful body. Shorts come off next. Scrappy’s in platinum speedos that emphasize his package. Reyes is in modest red briefs. Suddenly his smooth body is crushed against the musclehouse that is Scrappy. Here we go! 

Scrappy lays the prettyboy over his knee, nearly breaking his back. He slams his abs hard. From off camera I warn him to take it easy. Scrappy responds by stomping the kid. I have to yell again. I’m starting to feel like a dad reprimanding his son for roughhousing too hard with the neighbor kid. Finally I have to step in and break up the beating before Reyes ends up in a bodybag. With my shirt off, Scrappy attacks me and I have to beat on the bully. I climb aboard, pull his hair, slap the back of his head, and fling his sweaty body to the floor. So many people have said Scrappy reminds them of me. Now I’m gonna prove how much better the original is and always will be! Fair warning, I apply a killer pile driver and even use a folding chair to get my point across!

Total Runtime: 28 minutes, 15 seconds

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