Scrappy vs. Mark Muscle (Bro Battle)

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It has been a while since Mark Muscle and Scrappy have seen one another, and when they first come together, they both admit that the other has gotten bigger since last they met. What follows are a series of mostly good-natured holds of one on the other. Some bear hugs, a sleeper, all designed just to warm the other up and get used to each other. All is playful until Scrappy decides to use a low blow to try and gain the advantage. From there…all the niceties are off!

Naturally, Mark doesn’t take too kindly to the cheap shot, and decides it is time to put the much smaller Scrappy in his place. Mark figures since Scrappy likes to flex so much, he will force him to flex in different ways and under duress. Stretched backwards to show his abs, Scrappy is displayed for us the viewers. Scrappy spends some time between Mark’s tremendous thighs, begging for release.

Hoping to win the big man’s respect, Scrappy says he can lift the much larger man off the ground he will have it. Does he do it? If so, it would be an incredible feat of strength by Scrappy, as he is easily outweighed by Muscle. Will Scrappy be happy with just lifting the big man off the ground, or does he have loftier goals in mind, say a submission or pin? You’ll need to watch to find out.

Total Running time: 21 minutes, 18 seconds

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