Scrappy vs. Mad Dog Mike

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It’s easy to see why Scrappy think so highly of himself. Perfect proportions in a very short body. Muscles that look like a padded superhero costume. Seems like he’d only want to wrestle dudes built like him. But when you’ve wrestled dudes of every shape and size all over the world, it’s not always about choosing an even looking pair to go at it. 

Take Mad Dog Mike, for instance. He’s thick, less defined, and softer than most. But just try going face-to-face with his big dude. You’ll feel the intimidation the instant you lock eyes with this confident bro. Scrappy feels the pressure the moment those arms are wrapped around his near-perfect abs. Mad Dog is a beast. 

Scrappy feels his guts being squeezed so hard he might actually hurl, his pretty face written written in pain ink. Mad Dog gives his arms a rest, pressing Scrappy between his thighs, or grinding his chin cruelly into the surprised and straining muscle stud’s head. 

Anybody who gets to go head-to-head with Mad Dog should consider it a privilege. They should also start strength training...yesterday.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes

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