Scrappy vs. Mack Rodemeyer

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Scrappy’s body is beyond description these days. He was always a good looking kid, with that curly hair, bright eyes, and cocky grin. But now, well, those pecs, abs, arms, thighs...and to top it all off, Scrappy’s made a crossover into more erotic action, appearing in all types of sensual matches.

Scrappy feels sorry for whoever he wrestles next. Enter his next opponent in black fetish gear and suspenders, and flexing a beautiful, lightly hairy body. Mack looks like he should be serving drinks and making BIG tips at a trendy gay bar. They compare bodies in a poseoff, and it’s honestly hard to decide where to look. Mack lowers himself to worship Scrappy’s quads, but uses the opportunity to pull the curry-haired kid into his thighs. Both men are covered in sweat, rolling and writhing, youthful muscles casting shadows as Mack manhandles Scrappy’s core with hands that cover the hills and valleys of his body like seasoned explorers. 

Scrappy whimpers and moans as he’s rolled and wrecked, crushed and pressed into the floor...Mack worshiping Scrappy with complete and total control. Scrappy regains control and traps Mack between his legs. Mack regains control and forces Scrappy’s head into his bicep. Power is exchanged, and two men are SOAKED with sweat like they’ve been fighting in a Bikram studio. Backs are ridden, arms are stretched apart, hair is pulled, and the sensual, exotic eroticism of two stunning wrestlers clashing together wins the day. 

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 15 seconds

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