Scrappy vs. Joey Nux (Spanking)

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Joey can’t get enough of...well, himself. With 20 inch arms and a back like something out of an old gladiator movie, it’s no wonder he’s impressed with himself. Scrappy’s no stranger to bodybuilding, looking incredible himself. Barefoot and wearing only a tiny yellow thong, Joey’s determined to make the young upstart his bitch. 

With Scrappy slung over his shoulder, Joey unleashes the hand paddle, spanking Scrappy’s hot ass with relish. Scrappy finds his head between Joey’s thighs, while Joey wedgies that yellow thong deep into Scrappy’s ass while beating that pale ass with pleasure. Scrappy wants to wrestle, only to get pressed hard into Joey, who crushes Scrappy’s torso and goes to town on that ass again. 

Scrappy looks incredible getting hoisted, squeezed, crushed, and clobbered. Scrappy suffers beautifully, all kicking legs, resisting arms, and a desperate need to get that yellow thong out of his ass. Too bad Joey’s more excited about the spanking session he started. Joey laughs his way through it, grinning with pure joy and spanking Scrappy so hard his pale ass is left impossibly red! 

Total Runtime - 18 minutes, 5 seconds

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Hot Spanking Match!

This spanking match was inspired and incredibly hot! Both Scrappy and Joey Nux ooze charisma and are excellent in the ring. Both their bodies are so fit and Scrappy wearing his hot skimpy yellow briefs really accentuate his ass for a spanking match. They both played their parts well and sell it! So hot to see Scrappy act like a brat who needs to be spanked and Joey taking joy in bringing the pain to show Scrappy who rules the ring. My only wish is for a spanking match to go harder at the end with more than a few light slaps/spanks so the defeated wrestler's ass is more red and spanked until he begs that he can't take anymore. Please make more spanking matches, especially with a size difference or pretty boy hero vs. villain! Maybe even with a hairbrush, paddle, and over the knee bare bottom spanking as options. Great video!

This video would have been perfect if ....

Joey Nux had not wedgied Scrappy. Instead Joey should handcuff Scrappy's hands behind his back, gag him, place him over Joey's knee, and give him a long, hard OTK spanking on the seat of Scrappy's speedo for 4 minutes. Then Joey should pull Scrappy's speedo down in back to below his buttocks, and spank Scrappy's bare ass even harder for 3 more minutes. At that point Scrappy's ass would be as red as Joey's speedo, and he would be sobbing into his gag like a little bitch. That would be a 5-star video.

Andy Trevisan
Scrappy will never forget!

Joey spanked Scrappy's ass like that abused boy deserved. And he deserved so much more! Scrappy needs to learn that strong, beautiful muscles, golden curls, and a yellow swim trunks don't make him a superhero. Joey Nux humiliates and puts Scrappy in his deserved place and situation: with his ass up, his swim trunks up his ass and a lot of spanking to turn that white ass all red.
This video is epic! I'd like other fighters to do the same with Scrappy, and also do it with Kasee in that tiny red thong.

A very good beginning

Scrappy looked very sexy in that yellow thong. But this video would have been even better if, at the very end of the video, Joey Nux had spanked Scrappy even harder continuously for several minutes. Scrappy's ass would have been as red as Joey's speedo. Joey Nux certainly would have put that punk kid Scrappy in his place. Such a video would get a 5-star rating from me.

Joe the Jobber
"If You Weren't Such a Brat..."

Remember that title-it's Joey Nux's motivation to get to the bottom of his beef with Scrappy. After this match Joey might need a cold drink to cool off (and an ice pack for his overworked hands). As for "the brat", Joey makes sure that Scrappy won't be a fan of the colors red, pink or purple anytime soon. An homage to the glory days of AMG, but in high definition and with sound!

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