Scrappy vs. Gunnar (Bedroom Battle)

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Scrappy is in bed when Gunnar comes into his room dejected after having lost his last match. Scrappy starts to give Gunnar some tips as to how he can improve himself when he suddenly puts the mountain Gunnar into a full nelson. Gunnar doesn’t take to the surprise attach and the battle of “aesthetics vs. power” is on.

The battle is pretty even for most of the match with the power of Gunnar besting Scrappy in a test of strength and delivering a devastating bearhug to his opponent. In retaliation, Scrappy shows that he is not all about aesthetics as he picks up the much heavier Gunnar, throws him on the bed and then traps his in a crushing head scissor.

Neither individual will stay down, however, and the contest continues seesawing back and forth. In the end, it is neither power nor aesthetics that is the decisive factor though, as the winner is crowned because of a well-timed sleeper hold that their opponent is unable to escape from. Leaving his fallen opponent on the bed, the winner struts off satisfied with the result.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 27 minutes, 25 seconds

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