Scrappy vs. Gunnar (Bro Battle)

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Scrappy and Gunnar are playing around with some pool ties on the mats when the playfulness gets a little too serious for the two and soon the duo are battling for supremacy over each other. Although similar in height, Gunnar seriously outmatches the sculpted body of Scrappy in upper body strength. But will it serve to be the difference in the match?

Scrappy proves rather quickly that his years of experience in the underground wrestling scene is one advantage that few, if any, opponent can match. Gunnar is less than impressed however and soon Scrappy is in a crushing Boston crab begging for mercy. Scrappy then finds the tree trunk arms of Gunnar crushing his skull as he nearly passes out, only to then to be placed between the impressive thighs of his opponent.

A test of strength between the two finds Scrappy down on his knee only to turn it around by lifting the massive Gunnar. Depositing him on the mat, Scrappy goes for a ball claw which leaves Gunnar in intense pain. Back and forth the two go, with neither getting a decisive advantage over the other. It is only in the final moments that a submission is achieved and the loser left lying on the mat, the winner’s foot placed on his abdomen as they flex.

Total Running Time: 20 minutes, 26 seconds

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