Scrappy vs. Gabe Steele

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Scrappy lies in peaceful slumber, unaware of Gabe Steele's watchful gaze, clad in a vibrant pink bikini as he plots his ambush. With a sudden burst of energy, Gabe springs into action, startling Scrappy awake in a frantic panic.

Seizing the element of surprise, Gabe dominates the muscled Scrappy, their pajamas offering little resistance in the heated struggle. Soon, Scrappy's sleepwear is discarded, revealing a striking green bikini underneath, igniting a fierce battle between the two muscular adversaries. Their powerful moves and humiliating wedgies reverberate throughout the bedroom as they clash relentlessly.

In this true clash of bodybuilders, victory isn't solely determined by skill and strength; it's the willingness to stoop to the lowest depths, targeting the vulnerable family jewels in a battle that spans from the confines of the bed to every corner of the room.

Amidst the intense wrestling, expect low blows and ball claws as both men showcase their peak physical condition, each vying to assert dominance and make their opponent feel the power of their muscles

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 51 seconds

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