Scrappy vs. Ethan Andrews (Rip and Strip)

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Ethan Andrews ain’t too impressed by young Scrappy’s ripped jeans and sneaks. After all, Andrews came ready to wrestle. A strip fight ensues! Andrews starts by pulling at Scrappy’s belt and pulling off his shoes and socks. Scrappy, for his part, attacks Andrew’s ugly gym shorts. Soon they’re grinding against each other hard on the turnbuckle, pulling at clothes and stripping each other down like pros.

Andrews hoists the muscular Scrappy over his shoulder and proceeds to spank that sweet ass, before pressing him into the floor with his own ass and stripping him down to a minuscule red thong that leaves little to the imagination. Scrappy tears Andrews out of his own speedo, evening the score and offering stunning and intimate views of their flawless, fighting bodies.

Barefoot and in tiny thongs, Scrappy spladles Andrews hard, cupping his sensitive balls, spanking his ass, and eliciting some serious sobbing cries for mercy. Figure fours, face sitting, pile drivers and more make this saucy, sensual scrap an epic battle of humiliation and domination.

Run time: 24 minutes, 1 second

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