Scrappy vs. Ethan Andrews & John Wolfboy (Oil Bash)

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Ethan’s legendary package takes center stage as this match starts. He looks incredible in red speedos. Frenetic, almost manic Wolfboy oils up Ethan in a sensual exchange as slick oil is massaged over and inside of speedos, before muscular Scrappy slides into the oil pit, waiting to be oiled up like the god he is. “Get me wet, baby.” You ain’t ready for this one. 

Scrappy is stretched, pinned, punished, pinched, squeezed, ball busted, gut punched, scrangled, slapped, spanked, and humiliated by these two sadistic, skinny studs. Ethan and Wolfboy love pressing oily, slimy feet into Scrappy’s balls in this smooth, sloshing, skiddy, slippery lubrication station.  

Total Runtime - 26 minutes, 2 seconds

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Andy Trevisan

Disagreeing with some comments, I want to encourage Cameron to continue making these videos where two weak guys team up to defeat someone muscular and strong. It's amazing to see a MUSCLE GOD lose all its prevalence in the face of the combined strength of two despicable boys. I love watching villains versus hero fights where the hero is always weakened, defeated, used, abused and humiliated in every way possible by the villain (including wedgies when the ass is beautiful like Scrappy's). When the villain splits into two villains the fight becomes much more appetizing and sexy in our eyes!

Insanely good, but only part 1...

Definitely delivers everything it promises to deliver. Only critique is that Scrappy should have fought back more, he did for sure, but more of that needed, it would highlight the 2vs1 situation even better. Hopefully part 2 later on, A direct continuity suggestion (spoilers)
When they go for shower, and leave Scrappy laying on the mat, they give him too much time to recover, and rematch ensues. This time more back and forth, but because of 2vs1, its still mostly Scrappy beating. If he should win (hopefully), Its trough tremendous struggle, and anything but easy (dominant) until the very end. Oh and 2 heels (baddies) play highly unfair, face (hero) does not.

One of my fav muscle squashes ever!

This match is HOT and the ABSolute best if you enjoy a muscle stud being worked over. Having 2v1 allows for amazing holds not usually possible with a 1v1. Ignore the naysayers Cam, matches like this are what keep me coming back for more!

Looking forward...

Scrappy makes any match super hot and seXXXee!
I appreciate the critiques, and totally understand the desire for a 1 over 2 match, or perhaps rematch!
Scrappy putting these two twigs in their places would be HOT!!
Looking forward to watching the match!

All That Glistens...

I've waited a long time for this one to be released and boy, was it worth the wait!
Wolfboy switches from goofball to merciless punisher on a dime and Ethan's wrestling credentials (!) are bordering on legendary! But if legendary isn't enough for you, then just check out the mythical wonder that is Scrappy - his is a physique perfect for the oil pit! Seeing Scrappy suffer at the hands of the two heels, the lights reflecting off his perfectly glistening pecs and gorgeous glutes - ridiculously hot!

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