Scrappy vs. Elite Eliot

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Scrappy has a bone to pick with Elite Eliot. He has heard from some of the other guys in the Bro Battle house that Eliot has been talking smack and claiming that he could “break” Scrappy.

Not one to run from a challenge, Eliot admits that he has said that, and further, he firmly believes it. Scrappy challenges Eliot to an arm wrestling challenge, but Eliot is not interested in that. Sleeper holds? Nope. Eliot puts forth a bearhug challenge. Before he can even finish the thought Scrappy has Eliot in a bearhug and the challenge is on!

Eliot is a good foot taller than Scrappy though and in the world of bearhugs, size, especially height, is a decided advantage. Eliot quickly reverses the bearhug and before long Scrappy is calling for mercy. Scrappy lives up to his name and does not let the initial defeat deter him. Although Eliot is taller, Scrappy does have considerable power and uses it to his every advantage. Lifting the larger man, Scrappy is able to tie the bout at 1-1.

Bearhugs give way to backbreakers, which lead to more bearhugs and before long, both wrestler’s backs have taken way more punishment than a back is meant to withstand. The longer into the bout, the quicker the submissions come as each person’s back has been adequately softened up. Will Eliot actually “break” Scrappy, or will Scrappy make Eliot eat his words and acknowledge that he is the better man? One wrestler lies broken in the middle of the mat, but which one?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 28 minutes, 26 seconds

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