Scrappy vs. Elite Eliot

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Confident, muscular and incredibly sexy, young Scrappy prances into the ring with his bow tie, faux-tux vest and skimpy trunks with white boots. As he poses for the camera, he’s flexing and talking about how he is going to whoop the ass of his opponent today. Scrappy is strong, but he’s wrestling Elite Eliot, a man known for bulldozing anyone dumb enough to get into the ring against him. We are confident Scrappy could easily defeat some boys from the W4H “Jobber Squad” such as Johnny Jobber, Matty O’Boy, Zacky Darlin, Kayden Alexander or Christian. But Elite Eliot? 

Elite slips into the ring unnoticed by Scrappy and attacks him from behind as he begins his full assault on the young pretty boy. Scrappy gets destroyed in the first few minutes of this match. Elite has full control and is loving it. Scrappy isn’t a jobber and won’t let Elite own him in the ring. He returns the abuse he’s suffered so far. Elite is shocked by the comeback Scrappy has made. Scrappy even does push-ups on Elite. It isn’t long before sweat is pouring off of each of the muscle hunks. Just watching some of these holds leaves us wincing in pain. We can’t imagine how bad they must hurt to receive. 

Elite states, “I play dirty! Ya know? I play dirty!” Not content to just dominate Scrappy at this point, Elite continues his verbal abuse as well. Both hunks are showing signs of fatigue and neither is willing to give up easily. Both want to win the match. A brutal piledriver is followed up with a totally humiliating pin. One man walks away the victor while the other tries to pick himself up – along with his pride – from one of the most humiliating pins we’ve seen at W4H.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 37 seconds

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