Scrappy vs. Drew Harper (Bro Battle)

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There are few people in the Wrestler4Hire stable that can compare to the overall body of work of Scrappy. In this instance Scrappy is cleaning the Drew Harper’s pool and Drew is not happy with the job Scrappy is doing. Drew immediately decides that he is wasting his money and decides to take some back in the form of a beatdown of Scrappy. The contest soon moves to the mats and the battle for domination begins!

Although the early moments decidedly go Drew’s way, Scrappy has been at this game for a long time and knows how to turn the tables on just about any opponent. A test of strength leaves one combatant on the mat and at the mercy of the other. While in control, Scrappy tries to get Drew to commit to paying him double and letting him go for the remainder of the day. Drew refuses and suddenly is once again putting the hurt of Scrappy.

The action is intense, the trash talking is constant and the bodies of these two studs get put on glorious display for you, the viewer to enjoy. But who comes out on top? The action concludes in the pool. Is Scrappy forced to complete the pool cleaning as Drew’s servant, or will Scrappy get the extra pay he was looking for while forcing Drew to clean his own pool? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Total Running Time: 20 minutes, 37 seconds

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Badass Boss Beat!

Ever want to punch your boss in the nose? Scrappy and Drew make your dream come true in their video with Scrappy as the pool boy and Drew Harper as the angry boss!
The scene opens on Scrappy removing debris from a swimming pool with a net. “I’m paying you all this money…” says Drew. “You’ve been here for hours and there’s still shit in the pool…”
“What? I mean you don’t like the company?” says Scrappy with a little laugh.
“If you’re going to do a job like this…pay me back,” says Drew, grabbing Scrappy by the neck and dragging him to the wrestling mat.
Drew puts Scrappy in a full nelson, works him over, and throws him down. Scrappy runs away and picks up the garden hose with the water running and puts it on Drew. “You like that? Like that?” he says smiling, like he’s having lots of fun.
The next thing, Drew is on him again. He takes him down, puts him in a headlock, and starts pounding away. Drew has the upper hand until Scrappy locks his arm so he can’t move and says, “Tell me you’re going to pay me double today and I get to go home soon as I’m done with you!...You know what, triple!”
The fight goes on until Scrappy picks Drew up and throws him in the pool. At the last second, Drew shouts, “I can’t swim.” Scrappy finally has to pull him out. A couple more of Scrappy holds, and Drew has no more fight in him. Now it’s Drew cleaning the pool while Scrappy is making double bi’s and smiling.

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