Scrappy vs. Drew Harper

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It is not unusual for two wrestlers to be clad in the same wrestling gear. What is unusual though, is for those to wrestlers be opponents of one another. When both Scrappy and Drew appear in the ring clad

in an American flag speedo, they both claim to be “Mr. America”. It seems the only way to settle it is the old fashion way; a one on one wrestling match with the winner claiming the title.

This pair have shown that they are very evenly matched in their previous bouts, and the same holds true here. Both put on displays of strength, both with their upper body and arms and also with their legs. When halfway through the match the opponents are relieved of their speedos and shown to be wearing matching blue thongs, the coincidence is too much for Drew and he slowly loses patience.

A well placed low blow followed by being placed on the second rope for some strategic kicks and a ride have Scrappy in intense pain. Although wearing thongs, each has their gear pulled up until the thong is like a tiny thread in their butt crack. Some final tests of strength lead to one fighter’s advantage and he puts it to good use, stretching his opponent, standing on his chest, applying a relentless ball grab and then a head scissor so devastating that the other wrestler is sent to take “America’s Nap”.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 27 minutes, 26 seconds

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Salute the flag!;)

2 cocky top tier studs wrestling in stars and stripes. Whats not to like? Both dole out some hot punishment.

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