Scrappy vs. Donnie Dukes

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Wrestlers don’t come with much more sex appeal than Scrappy. He has muscles on top of muscles and a pretty face that makes you melt. You just want to grab him by that curly hair and kiss him for hours. He enters the ring in royal blue trunks, yellow knee pads, and white boots, looking quite regal as he climbs to the top rope and flexes for the cameras. WOOF!!!

He’s signed to wrestle the malicious Donnie Dukes, a man known for tearing his opponents’ apart piece-by-piece until they are left quivering on the mats. Our deranged Donnie, in his black singlet and boots, immediately goes after our pretty muscle boy. We are certain that the first two minutes of the match have sexy Scrappy regretting his decision to wrestle Donnie as he’s already suffered through a series of underhanded cheap shots from the veteran heel.

Donnie loves to grab a handful of Scrappy’s pretty curls and pull his head back as he delivers brutal shots to Scrappy’s six-pack abs. Scrappy even screams out “let go of my hair” as Donnie continually inflicts punishment to this young stud. We would suggest Scrappy worry more about wrestling and less about those pretty curls. Scrappy spends what we are certain seems like an eternity to him tied up in the corner while Donnie uses him as a punching bag. Donnie pulls Scrappy’s trunks so far up his ass that he’ll be singing soprano for several days. The upside is that we are treated to numerous views of those gorgeous cakes. Scrappy’s ass is so firm that you could bounce a quarter off it. And wouldn’t we love to try!

In the old school jobber/heel matches from the 70’s and 80’s, the jobber was usually put out of his misery in only a few minutes. He also had a ref in the ring who tried to keep some semblance of order and limit the rule-breaking and cheap shots to the jobber. Scrappy entered this match with no ref to come to his aid and no time limit to end his suffering. Donnie shows no mercy in his attack on the pretty boy and no part of his body is left unpunished. It was a humiliating defeat for our young muscle stud, but that’s the least of his worries. He’ll be in pain for days and regretting his decision to wrestle in this match. He suffers from the beginning to the end and is never able to launch an offense against his brutal opponent.

In the end, he’s laid out like a trophy in the middle of the ring. Our cameras pan across his sexy body, giving us a great view of those sexy muscles and Scrappy’s ample package, stuffed tightly into is trunks. As I said above, WOOF!!!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 45 seconds

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Kryptonite Dude
Good Night, Pretty Boy!

Scrappy is the good-looking, cocky jock we were all jealous of in school; with his impressive body and pretty hair, he was probably the prom king and captain of the football team! But he is no match for the savage monster Dukes; from start to finish Scrappy is beaten and humiliated and subjected to Donnie's cheap shots: his eyes are gouged, he is hit in the crotch, and Dukes pulls Scrappy's hair countless times! It's not long before Scrappy is begging, but Dukes shows no mercy; it's obvious Dukes enjoys defeating Scrappy, and he is all smiles when he puts the helpless hero in one last sleeper hold! My only complaint is I wish this match was longer, and I would have liked Dukes to put some cute bows and ribbons in Scrappy's hair after the match!

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