Scrappy vs. Dimitri Darkthorn

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Dimitri Darkthorn may be the new guy on the block, but he’s already surprising the hell out of everybody at Wrestler4Hire. Sure, he may look like “a little twink,” as resident stud Scrappy rudely remarks. But Dimitri talks trash like nobody else, getting up in the buffer, more experienced Scrappy’s face with no fear at all. They circle, square off, flex, and get crazy heated making nasty, catty threats. When they finally tie up, it’s almost like you can feel the earth shaking under their feet! 

Dimitri gets the first crushing lock, Scrappy’s prettyboy face straining as he breaks free and applies a bearbug of his own. Dimitri wriggles free, and both pissed off punks go again. This time Dimitri ends up moaning and sobbing on the mat as Scrappy goes for the pin, but decides it would be more fun to pull Dimitri up by his hair...only to get slammed in the abs. 

Dimitri snaps, screaming in Scrappy’s face like a lunatic. Scrappy is pushed to fight harder. Knees dig into backs. Arms are wrenched nearly out of socket. Legs are twisted like ropes. Two young men grunt like beasts, drip with sweat, and brutalize each other in an even fight for supremacy that feels almost like a grownup schoolboy fight (with a killer tombstone finale you have to see to believe)!  

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 58 seconds

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madrasman Heflin

Buying now!
Can't believe I missed this taping, and the Topher matches, by one day!!
Is there also a Scrappy vs Topher match locked away?!?!
Still, very much enjoyed the Scrappy, Dimitri, and other matches I was able to witness!
Looking forward to watching this one, in 5, 4, 3, 2,.........

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