Scrappy vs. Christian Thorn

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Scrappy (5'7", 165 lbs, Kentucky)
Christian Thorn (5'6", 150 lbs, Missouri)

Sometimes in NHB you get two individuals who like to trash talk each other to try and get in their opponent’s mind. They try to psychologically beat their foe as much as physically. Other times, such as in the case of Scrappy vs. Christian Thorn, both individuals let their wrestling do the talking for them. Almost all you hear from the pair are the grunts and groans from being placed in painful holds interspersed with the confident heavy breathing as the move to control the other.

These two go at each other too. Neither giving an inch, there is more than one occasion where Christian picks up Scrappy and drops him to the mat where he lands with a thud. Back and forth the two go, scoring pinfall after pinfall over each other…neither gaining a decided advantage. It is only when one make the smallest mistake that the other is able to notch a win over the other. Pouncing like an animal stalking it’s prey, the duo give their all against each other.

It comes down to the last pinfall to determine a winner in this evenly matched bout. Or does it? Could we have our first draw in NHB history? You’ll have to watch to find out!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 20 seconds

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Experience Needed

I love these guys but they seem to be better suited for choreographed pro matches. They seem to be at a loss for what to do... what their next move should be... I give them points for trying. Christian was definitely more ripped, while Scrappy seemed to be a bit ... off-season. I get that you can't look magnificent all the time... wait... there's Travis... but I've seen Scrappy in much better form. Always put your best foot forward, Scrap.

Well-matched but missing important element

We've seen these two equally-matched muscled studs but I don't understand why they NEVER go into some sexy closed guard or crotch-to-crotch full mount position. This is nothing but frustrating because they would've been the perfect match with the perfect fight if they just do the full action you'd see in some hot mma matches out there. I've seen Christian go on closed guard with other opponents for extended period of time. Scrappy did some sexy leg-on-leg intertwining and groin-on-groin contact with a few opponents before too. But why do these 2 keep their crotches apart the whole time? Waste of money, I should've just rewatched their past matches because this new one brings nothing new.

Hot Muscle Dude Action!

Two of the coolest bodybuilders you’ve ever seen, Scrappy and Christian Thorn, face off against one another in a NHB style match. They’ve met several times before with Scrappy as White Wolf and Christian Thorn as Tsunami on Hero Hunks, and as themselves on W4H. This VID is shot close-up, from several angles, and in high definition, which brings you within feet of the wrestlers and the action. It beats most YouTube wrestling and MMA VIDs any day!
It starts out with Scrappy stretching-out his muscle bod in orange bikini trunks and Christian Thorn doing the same in black. After the match begins, Christian soon has Scrappy tied up down on the mat, and after four escapes from near submissions Scrappy finally submits. And so it goes, with plenty of exciting back-and-forth action, keeping the viewer on the edge of his/her seat to the end. Both display great strength, skill, and stamina, and the expression of pain on their faces leave no doubt that none of it is faked.

Strength versus speed

These two are so evenly matched that the final outcome is impossible to predict. At times, each dominates the other - Thorn in upper body strength; Scrappy with legs. Weights are close; though Scrappy looks more than 15 pounds heavier. Great to see Thorn wrestling someone who isn't way out of his weight range. Exciting from start to finish - both deserved to win. Rematch needed.

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