Scrappy vs. Christian Thorn

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Occasionally there are differences of opinions in the Bro Battle house. Oftentimes on sleeping arrangements, but also on exactly what to watch on television. Scrappy wants to watch the game, Christian has no interest, and so the pair decide instead to settle things on the mat. Taking off their shirts, the pair start in at one another in only their sweatpants, with Christian delivering an extended choke of Scrappy.

When the duo finally discard the sweatpants they reveal each is wearing a shiny black latex speedo. There are bearhugs and head scissor aplenty. Scrappy put Christian to sleep between his mammoth thighs, followed by a punishing backbreaker for good measure. The thing about Christian though is that he keeps coming. Just when you think he is down and out suddenly he is flying through the air to deliver a hard blow to your chest.

Scrappy has been at this a long time though, and he knows how to deal with just about any opponent. Finding a thick rope nearby, Scrappy puts Christian out one final time and then binds his wrists for a little more fun. Hogtied and helpless, we may never see what the pair end up watching, but the show they put on for us is a sight to behold!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 30 minutes, 23 seconds

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