Scrappy vs. Cameron (Spanking)

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Cameron and Scrappy are very familiar with each other in the ring.  They have met several times and, if I was telling the truth, the Champ has come out on the winning side on every occasion. 

So when they find themselves once more facing each other, Cameron has no problem trash talking, confident that this match will go the way of the others.  He even reminds Scrappy that in one he was forced to endure a spanking, and since he enjoyed it last time, the Champ puts forth the notion that they do a spanking match once again, for all the marbles.  Scrappy agrees and the bout is on!

Scrappy is powerful, he is chiseled, he is wily, but the thing he lacks which the Champ has in abundance, technical skill. 

Cameron has been wrestling since he was a boy and puts every bit of skill he has mastered to good use here, tying up Scrappy in different ways, stretching and pulling him until he gives up.  Bring on the chair which Cameron plops himself down on and before long Scrappy is over his knee, receiving a spanking which leaves part of Scrappy's ass red with Cameron's handprint.  But the humiliation has just begun!

Next Cameron brings out a pair of handcuffs and before long Scrappy's wrists are handcuffed behind him, a sock placed in his mouth, held in place by tight athletic tape that is wrapped around Scrappy's mouth and head.  Now all Scrappy can do is moan in pain, and there is plenty to moan about.  Cameron is enjoying this immensely, so much that he soon pulls down Scrappy's tights to expose his ass for more skin on skin spanking.  The tortured moans of pain is all Scrappy can manage and before long Cameron has had his fill and leave's the humiliated hard body Scrappy lying in the middle of the ring, unsure of exactly he will get out of his predicament.  This is Cameron at his devilish worst and Scrappy at his embarrassing best!

TOTAL RUN-TIME:  27 minutes, 08 seconds

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