Scrappy vs. Brock The Fan

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Father vs. Son. Experience vs. Youth Brock’s one hell of a strong, mature dude. He tosses his lion’s made and challenges the best looking, strongest studs on the Wrestler4Hire roster. Scrappy gets pulled into a full nelson, as he’s rolled and wrangled by Brock. Scrappy talks trash, but his face betrays his legit pain and suffering at the hands of this much older opponent. 

Brock pulls Scrappy’s golden curls, presses his wrists into the mat, and climbs on top of his back, muscling his arm over the rope in an agonizing move made of pure strength. Brock goes to town on the kid’s balls, clawing and ripping at Scrappy’s junk with twisted delight. 

Scrappy’s handsome face is buried between Brock’s thighs. Brock grinds Scrappy’s face into the mat and proceeds to spank this bad boy like a punishing parent who came home to find the house trashed. Brock gets clobbered in the gut, only to regain control of Scrappy, wrenching his arm behind his back and closing his airway with a boa constrictor-like grip. And the punishment is only just beginning…! 

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 24 seconds

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