Scrappy vs. Braden Charron & Jaxton Wheeler (Rip & Strip)

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Pro handicapped matches generally put two jobbers up against a heel who easily destroys both within a couple of minutes. Things work differently here at W4H. The boss has arranged for two heels to take on young and muscular Scrappy. Nobody can argue that Scrappy is one hot and sexy set of muscles. He also has an excellent knowledge of wrestling holds. Even so, he’s still a bit green and needs some more experience before becoming a top-contender at W4H. What better way to gain experience than by wrestling two of the most dominant heels here? Scrappy is stretching, flexing, and talking to himself, asking who his opponent will be today and even saying he can take on two. Be careful what you ask for. If the boss would have sent in Johnny Jobber and one of the countless other jobbers as his tag partner, Scrappy would have an easy victory. Instead of two jobbers, the boss chose Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler. This won’t be pretty. 

All three muscle monsters begin flexing. We have to admit that it appears Scrappy may have the best look of the three. Looks don’t win wrestling matches. Our bad boys immediately start double-teaming sexy young Scrappy. Gut punches hurt him, but Scrappy makes of the mistake of saying that as soon as he gets out of here . . . Before he can finish, Jaxton places his hammer-like fist right into Scrappy’s package. His eyes rolled so far back in his head that we thought he was going to pass out. Saying they used Scrappy as a human punching bag would be an understatement. It isn’t long before they pull his black & white tights down to reveal a yellow thong. Jaxton stomps a foot onto Scrappy’s chest while Braden removes his boots, allowing him to pull off his tights. As Braden chokes Scrappy with his own tights, Jaxton delivers a series of gut punches which would leave most men puking up anything and everything in their stomach. Jaxton removes his own boots and black leather pants only to use them to choke Scrappy. After a couple of brutal ball shots, Braden removes his trunks and covers Scrappy’s nose and mouth with them. 

Our brutal bad boys continue the punishment and humiliation with some crotch-to-face pins and head scissors. Not content with the submission from Scrappy, Jaxton puts him in a sleeper. Braden joins in with a bearhug while Jaxton is still applying the sleeper. That’s the first time we’ve seen that combo used. Scrappy is sexy as hell and has a great future in wrestling, but it appears as if the boss wanted to teach him a lesson in humility. We can’t think of a better way than by making him suffer at the hands of these two ruthless bad boys. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 16 seconds

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Scrappy Suffers Beautifully

Scrappy's magnificent body is on full display as it is abused simultaneously by Charron and Wheeler. Neither of the big men pull any punches against the younger wrestler as they put his beautiful body through a lot of torture. Scrappy tries his best to hold his own against the two bigger men, but is really no match for their combined muscle. Scrappy is mercifully put to sleep at the end, possibly dreaming of how hot it is to watch him suffer. I completely agree with gpk: "2 on 1 TOO much fun!"

2 on 1 TOO much fun

What's hotter than a jobber on the receiving end of a 2 on 1 ? When Scrappy and Braden are two of the participants. Perfect - PecTACULAR punishment ! 2023 is off to a great year with this in your collection !

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