Scrappy vs. Braden Charron

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It’s all about the size, right men? Who’s got the bigger, um, well . . . Sexy Scrappy is expecting the ring to himself. Damn if we know what he’s planning to do by himself in the ring, but that’s better left to the imagination. Scrappy has clearly spent countless hours in the gym and is about as ripped and muscular as they come. He’s wearing white boots and about the smallest camo trunks we’ve seen. We aren’t even sure how those trunks are covering his package, which like his muscles, appears to be quite large and sexy. Braden has on his white trunks with white and red boots. After some flexing, these massive muscle men decide to see who has the bigger muscle. Neither man is able to keep his cheeks in his trunks, giving us viewers an excellent view of those sexy buttocks. There is no shortage of muscles, testosterone, flexing, and trash talking as the massive hunks of masculinity are trying to prove who is bigger and better. According to the tape measure, Braden is slightly bigger. Although, they didn’t measure anything in the crotch area, in which Scrappy appears to have the advantage. The question remains as to which is the better man in the ring. 

The contest starts with arm wrestling. Braden wins the right-handed match, but Scrappy wins the left-handed match. A third arm wrestling contest quickly leads to some cheap shots. This is making us wonder which of these muscle boys will win the wrestling match. Braden is easily dominating Scrappy early in the match, so much so that it must be embarrassing. Braden lifts Scrappy all the way up into a gorilla press, then slams him so hard that we expect him to go through the ring and onto the floor. Damn, that HAD to hurt! He does a second one, but doesn’t execute it as smoothly. A third attempt fails as Scrappy escapes. As Braden grabs his lower back, Scrappy takes control for the first time in the match. 

Scrappy is definitely one to fit into the “pretty boy” category. More often than not, the pretty boys are the jobbers in the ring. Scrappy is proving he is no jobber and shows he has a mean streak to him. But Scrappy loves to flex and show off his gorgeous physique. We love to see it, but while he’s busy flexing, he should be wrestling. His love of flexing gives Braden ample opportunity to take control, which is exactly what he does. Each of these brutal muscle machines is trying to humiliate the other by making him flex before releasing the hold. A kick behind the knee lands one of these hunks face-down on the mats. He’s then subjected to a camel clutch immediately followed by a Boston crab. He then has to stand and flex for the camera as the victor comes from behind and gives him a powerful blow to his package. He won’t be using his nuts anytime soon after that ferocious hit to his nads. Pain, punishment, humiliation, and lots of flexing. One of these gargantuans is towering over the other as the loser is grabbing is manhood and writhing in pain.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 30 seconds

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Scrappy Muscles vs. Iron man

“…I’m not scared of you…Look at all that country muscle,” Scrappy says, showing off his biceps.

This is an epic muscle match between Braden Charron who has a chest the size of a tank and the smaller Scrappy with his huge biceps that peak at 18” of solid muscle in only a 5’6” frame.

Braden takes the upper hand at first, but Scrappy soon reverses him. While Braden didn’t look like he fazed Scrappy too much, the next thing, Scrappy has Braden down to near nothing in a bunch of his muscle holds.

“Just to show you how strong I am,” Scrappy says, lifting the full weight of the 50 lbs. heavier Braden onto his shoulders and doing a bunch of knee bends. A little later, he lifts him a choke lift with no trouble, either.

Pretty soon, it’s sleeper time for Braden Charron. Scrappy chokes him with his legs while sitting on the ropes, puts a heavy punching bag on Braden’s neck and sits on it, followed by a rear choke that nearly putting him out, and finishes him the weak Braden with a neck scissors with his powerful legs.

There can be no doubt how strong Scrappy is now. It’s not hard to see why Scrappy was recently voted the hottest body and best arms and legs on W4H. He wrestled Braden two years ago, and edged him out for a win, but this time it was nearly total domination. I love the way Scrappy takes so many of his opponent down until their too weak for much of anything and puts them out!

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