Scrappy vs. Blake Starr vs. Z-Man (Bro Battle)

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They are three of the most popular figures in all of the underground wrestling scene. Playing with some water guns at the pool, Scrappy and Z-Man decide that they will settle things on the mat. Enter into the picture Blake Starr and it is a recipe for a disaster. Between Z-Man and Scrappy there are many years of experience and Blake is relatively new to the scene but gaining in knowledge every day. Scrappy and Z-Man decide to teach the newer guy a lesson for interrupting them and what ensues is a nearly 20-minute clinic on double teaming another individual.

Blake’s abs take the most abuse in the early going, but there is no part of the young stud’s body that is spared. The two experienced attackers use every weapon available to them, including the water guns from earlier. Taunting him relentlessly, a double figure four to the head and legs causes Blake to finally tap out.

But the tap out is not the end of the punishment. Blake eventually succumbs to a combination back breaker and sleeper and goes under. It is an unceremonious ending to a situation that could only end

one way. Hopefully it has taught Blake a lesson that you shouldn’t taunt two individuals, especially not people the pedigree of Scrappy and Z-Man (although I doubt Blake has learned his lesson).

Total Running time: 20 minutes, 50 seconds

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