Scrappy vs. Blake Starr (Thong Match in Ring)

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Boots, thongs, and two of the most beautiful wrestlers in the business today. Lean and hairy Blake Starr vs. smooth beefcake Scrappy. Both are boyish and brave, strong and smiling, and seriously hot in their barely there thongs! From the start, Scrappy crushes Starr between his now legendary thighs, flexing his biceps and chest as he squeezes hard. Starr retaliates with fists of fury, which only drive Scrappy to the floor for a sexy, sensual figure four that has the slim stud submitting.

With ass cheeks exposed, these guys trade squeeze for squeeze, rolling and rocking and using the ropes for leverage. Bods glossy with sweat hold long, tight positions of pain, before pulling hair, ball busting, or gut punching. Trash talk is applied to each hold, and both men seem to enjoy the lung-crushing agony.

Balls bobble and bounce in barely there thongs. Butts quiver and clench with every move, as the camera explores every curve and ripple, every muscular motion, every painful pinch, punch, and powermove in this rolling, sensual, steamy submission match that has Starr massaging and concealing his own burgeoning hardon through his yellow thong. Can he stay focused and finish Scrappy? Who will get the final squeeze?

Runtime: 22 minutes, 2 seconds

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