Scrappy vs. AJ Black (Oil Bash)

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Scrappy was born for the oil pit! That body...daaaaaang! Sit back, relax, and watch this flawless adonis flex. Poor AJ Black looks like he wandered in off the street and is in total awe of Scrappy, even clumsily dropping the oil bottles while watching the gold speedo-wearing stud rocking that epic bod. 

AJ strains and struggles in the slick, smooth oil pit, trying desperately to get Scrappy in any kind of hold. Scrappy mounts the skinny, slippery kid’s back and closes his legs around him, his glossy feet locking together tightly. AJ tries to get a choke on Scrappy, but it’s so easy to slide right out. It’s muscle stud vs. skinny jobber punk in the sloshing oil pit! 

Total Runtime - 20 minutes, 50 seconds

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