Scrappy vs. AJ Black (NHB)

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AJ Black (5'8", 120 lbs, Florida)
Scrappy (5'7", 165 lbs, Kentucky)
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Poor AJ Black.  The youngster seems to always be in impossible situations, pitted against opponents that have either a considerable height/weight advantage, or someone with so much more wrestling experience that he is at a decided disadvantage before the opening bell even rings.  Here he finds himself across the mat from one Scrappy, an individual who may have logged more underground wrestling in the last few years than any other person.  What hope does AJ have?
Well...I am happy to say there is some!  AJ does manage to get the experienced Scrappy to tap out (more than once).  But will it be enough to garner his first win in a NHB bout?  Scrappy lives up to his namesake and he is proficient at getting submissions from his opponents as well.  Scrappy locks up AJ in ways that restrict his air or ability to move and squirm out of his assaults.  In total, there are 20+ tap outs in a short period of time.  But who will have their arm raised in the end?
No matter whether AJ wins or he still ends up on the short side of the tally (I'm not telling, you'll have to watch), I can say that perhaps AJ has finally planted his flag and can build on this showing.  Just getting some subs is a huge step for the young grappler, and it should give him confidence and renew his desire to move on to bigger and better things.  And to have this performance against Scrappy?  A potential game changer for AJ's career, and one that can only mean good things in the future.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 12 seconds

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Great match-up!

Getting ready to purchase, but AJ is a seasoned vet with many skills/tricks up his sleave, which should make up for Scrappy's beautiful muscle advantage...
Big fan of both, but Scrappy is my boy!
Looking forward to enjoying this one~!!

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