Scrappy vs. Ace Owens

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Scrappy has a seriously sensational physique. Massive arms, mammoth pecs, and thighs like something out of a comic book. A good looking guy in his own right, some have even suggested young Scrappy could be my little brother. Gotta admit there is a resemblance. 

Enter Ace Owens, the raven-haired heartthrob. While not as massive as Scrappy, Owens owns a millennial sexiness, like a sexy pickpocket prince with a hard body and golden complexion.

A pair pose-off naturally leads to some threats and a tough tie up between the two studs, who quickly take their tussle to the mat, where sleepers and full nelsons are the order of the day. Owens pushes Scrappy like a schoolboy, paying for his boldness with a brutal, back-stretching Boston crab. Scrappy, in turn, eats Owens’ crotch while struggling to regain top position. 

Fingers lock, and two sexy studs pass the pain back and forth until both are sweat drenched, ragged, and raw. All that pretty hair gets messed up real good, and another even match ends in the total annihilation of one pathetic fighter.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 35 seconds

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