Scrappy & Javier The Hunk vs. Joey Nux (2-on-1)

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There is always a certain amount of gamesmanship that goes into any W4H wrestler.  I mean, there has to be right, or why even bother being a competitor if you don't want to win?  So when Scrappy and Javier the Hunk are in the ring together, although they are happy to be together, the conversation eventually turns to who is the better wrestler, with each grappler claiming the title.  The two begin a series of exercises to try and show they are the better, more physically fit wrestler.
There is just one problem, another wrestler wants to join their little club and enter Joey Nux.  Towering over both Scrappy and Javier, the contest turns from who is the better wrestler to who can deliver more devastating wrestling moves to the unsuspecting Nux.  Beginning with low blows, the pair take turns giving Nux back breakers, arm bars, boston crabs and sleeper holds.  Frog splashes give way to spladles and then an inventive full nelson (with each wrestling applying one half of the nelson).
What begins as a rivalry ends as a double team, bearing out the saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".  What begins as two people working hard to top the other ends up being a well oiled team as the duo prove to Joey Nux that he is not worthy to join their team.  I suppose in the end the two were bound to team up with each other, each wearing similar speedos, with closely aligned goals and wrestling styles.  Watching the pair work their in ring magic on a victim like Joey Nux is something to admire!!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 47 seconds

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