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Sam Jucator versus Vaz Lavisto

Underground Wrestling isn't just an American enterprise, it truly is worldwide. 

In this video from across the pond, young grapplers Vaz and Sam go at each other.  What begins as a handshake indicating good will, suddenly becomes something different when Vaz jumps upon Sam and begins the punishment. 

Sam proves his not too be taken lightly though and soon the pair are on the mat, both with a head scissor on their opponent.  Something that is missing here as opposed to their American cousins in underground wrestling is trash talking.  The pair are all business in squared circle and it's not until Sam gets Vaz trapped in a vise-like headlock that a fall is finally registered.  Vaz attempts a comeback but Sam's experience and larger frame serve him well in the bout.  Sam even gets in a little bit of humiliation of Vaz as he grabs and spanks Vaz when he has him controlled on the mat. 

Sam should have stayed focused on the bout however, as soon Vaz reverses his fortunes and has Sam in a devastating head scissor causing the young stud to tap out and even the bout at 1 fall apiece. 

The final fall comes down once more to a well executed head scissor causing the loser to tap a final time, the winner to get right into the face of the camera and congratulate himself as his vanquished opponent rolls out of the ring, a little worse for wear, but now armed with more knowledge of their opponent and hopefully ready when the pair meet again!

TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 14 seconds

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So who needs the trash talk? NOT ME! I thoroughly enjoyed this match... intense wrestling without a lot of posing and preening... they just got to it. OBVIOUSLY they were worn out by the end. Good bodies, good looking gear, and a good back and forth match. If they make other videos, I'll be there to give them a look.

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