Sammy Scrapper vs. Dax Dexter

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Sammy Scrapper is the younger brother of Young Ady. I became quick friends with a few of the Spotland Scrapper guys, including Ady & Sammy. Those guys know how to have fun and are very kind, until you get them on the mat that is.

They remind me of myself a bit. Once you get them on a mat, or in a ring, or wherever they'll be wrestling, they become uber-confident and love talking trash. And they live having their opponents talk trash right back to them. All in good fun and in the spirit of competition. 

Dax Dexter is unmatched. When you look at him you see these amazing abs, but moments into the match you can see that Sammy is just toying with the lad. Sammy even let's Dax get holds and reversals on him. He toys with his foe. 

You can see Sammy's pleasure while he goes from hold-to-hold on Dax. He loves laying in some gut punching to his opponents perfect abdominals.

"I'm the winner!" exclaims to his defeated challenger before cheapshotting him with a gut punch before leaving.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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