Ryder Reigns vs. Dr. Maniacal

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Ryder Reigns cannot believe his luck that he has found the secret laboratory of Dr. Maniacal. However, before he can alert anyone else, the evil doctor (not sure where he got his license from) sets upon him and welcomes him with a quick wedgie up Ryder Reigns' backside. Then the master physician sets about his total dismantling of our obviously overmatched hero, showing that he is indeed skilled at the medical arts by focusing on just about every part of Ryder Reigns' anatomy.

A series of ball grabs, nipple twists, full nelsons , trap and pec claws work to drain our hero of every last drop of energy. Ryder Reigns is pulled and bent in every way imagineable and the doctor adds some face sitting just for good measure. A vicious head butt and straight on choking and the hero is a shell of who he was.

A final humiliation of standing victorious on the hero’s chest and the evil doctor has had enough play time with his rag doll. In the end Ryder is left lying in the doctors waiting room. This doctor definitely does not take “walk-ins”!

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