Ryan Zivens vs. Matty O'Boy & Zacky Darlin (Double-Teamed)

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Real-life boyfriends, Matty O’Boy and Zacky Darling, creep onto the wrestling mat, eyes glinting with mischief. A little gift awaits these wily wrestlers...or should I say a big gift. A handsome package has been hog-tied, masked, and left for the bruiser boyfriend’s joint amusement. Above average every-man Ryan Zivens, a Craigslist find, is in no position to resist these much smaller studs. 

Matty O’Boy plops his pretty ass right down on the big man’s package, while Zacky locks up that thick neck. A few seconds of punishment and Ryan is literally dripping with sweat. That handsome face takes several slaps, and that midsection feels the seductive sensation of wandering fingers. 

Ryan’s voice goes up two octaves as the boys manhandle his sensitive nipples...a surprising turn of events that makes the boys laugh, and wedgie the hell out of Craigslist’s beefy ass! 

What looks like a squash job by two nasty pixies suddenly turns into an epic retaliation fight when the bigger man practically grows three sizes to mop the floor with the boyfriends. Suddenly slender bodies are being thrown around like woah, and the bully is reinstated in some loudmouthed, America-loving, jingoistic declarations of vengeance!   

Double headlocks leave the boys open-mouthed like a coupla codfish, and a breath-robbing double bearhug leaves them literally drenched in Zivens’ sweat! For Zivens, no nipples will be left unpinched.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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