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Nathan FX versus Elite Eliot

There are certain rules it that are important to follow when two people are roommates.  Probably first and foremost, it is important to ask before you take any of your roommates things and use them as your own.  Unfortunately, this is something that Nathan FX has not learned as he comes into view wearing Elite Eliot's wrestling boots, all laced up, treating them as if they were his.  Eliot is not impressed, or happy about this, and instructs Nathan to go back and take them off.  Nathan disappears for a moment, and when he returns, not only is he still wearing Eliot's boots, but now he is wearing Eliot's speedo as well!  Needless to say, this sets Eliot off and he just starts pounding the young Nathan, trying to beat some sense, (and courtesy) into him.
Nathan is no pushover however, and he manages to not only gain the advantage, but also strips Eliot of his sweatshorts, revealing Eliot in only a blue speedo, which Nathan than begins to pull up giving Eliot a wedgie he won't soon forget.  There is one majore flaw in Nathan's plan, he may have Eliot's boots, he may have Eliot's speedo, but he doesn't have Eliot's experience and it is that experience that wins the day as Eliot bring all of his wrestling prowess to bear and in a final humiliation, slaps on a sleeper hold that soon sees Nathan slip slowly into Dreamland, where he can dream of wearing all of Eliot's gear if he so chooses.  A great video with a great storyline that you are sure to enjoy!
Total running time:  20 minutes, 37 seconds

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