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Dante versus Brendan Byers

Dante is looking for something to eat.  When he gets to the refrigerator he finds that the food he had saved to eat has somehow disappeared.  He seems to immediately know that it was Brendan who helped himself to his food, and so he immediately confronts him and places him in a headlock, marches him out to the living room and throws him onto the couch, causing relaxing wrestlers to scurry away as they can clearly see that something pretty terrible is about to happen.  One thing that Dante has failed to take into account, however, is that Brendan has been in the underground wrestling world probably as long as Dante has been alive, and although he may fall to an initial attack, you best put him down quickly, because Brendan will come back.
And come back he does, as he quickly turns the tables on Dante and begins an all-out assault of his own.  Bearhugs, leg scissors, boston crabs and more all are placed on Dante by the bigger Brendan.  Even straight out chokeholds are employed by Brendan.  Dante is never able to recover, as Brendan just continues to pile on the punishment until he throws Dante across his shoulders and causes him to give up.  Throwing his now lifeless body onto the couch, Brendan once more stands triumphant!  Brendan has shown that he will eat what he wants, when he wants, no matter whose it is.
Total running time:  21 minutes, 25 seconds

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