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Johnny Greco versus Drew Harper

There are certain things that you do not mess with when dealing with someone from W4H.  One since item is a wrestler's O-ring light.  For those wrestlers who also do some extra-curricular activities for their clients, an O-ring light is more than worth its weight in gold.  So when Drew Harper takes Johnny Greco's O-ring light to put on a posing show for a paying customer, Johnny is none too happy when he needs the light for himself. 

Seemingly letting it slide, Johnny decides at the last moment that Drew needs to be taught a lesson and delivers a blow to Drew's midsection, what I am sure Johnny thought would be a beatdown as payment for the light.  However, Drew has a long history in W4H, and he knows how to take control of a match, no matter what.  A low blow to Johnny and suddenly Drew is back in control, and punishing Johnny for daring to try and put Drew in his place.  Arm bars turn into ab claws and leg scissors as the bout goes back and forth, but as, I said, Drew has more history and puts Johnny down once and for all.  Or does he?  You see, not only does Drew have superior experience, he also has an ego twice as large and just when he thinks he has dealt with Johnny, Johnny takes a page out of Drew's book and delivers a low blow of his own, causing Drew to fall to the floor.  He then finds himself picked up by Johnny and dropped over Johnny's knew in a back breaker that finally ends the bout. 

Johnny has taught Drew his lesson, but has Drew actually learned anything?  Only time will tell.

Total running time:  25 minutes, 8 seconds

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