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Johnny versus Joey McCoy

COVID has been going on and so Joey McCoy has not been able to train people at the gym.  Lucky for him, Johnny agrees to come to his hotel room for some one on one training.  

Joey starts off with the basics of a collar and elbow tie up and then into a headlock, which Johnny seems to take to pretty quickly.  As they progress to more, however, Joey doesn't feel as though Johnny is really taking things that seriously, and so he begins a program to slowly break the youngster, as punishment for not being serious enough, plus, Joey reminds him, "This hotel room costs a lot of money."  

Move after move, from blows to the sternum to tying up Johnny's legs which he is on the floor, Joey takes it to the newbie.  "Pathetic" he exclaims.  When Joey has finally decided he has had enough, he jumps on the back of the young stud, puts his hand under Johnny's chin and pulls back in a devastating Camel Clutch.  Only when Johnny has declared that Joey is the master does Joey release the hold and Johnny is left laying on the floor, unable to rise or move at all.  

An important lesson for all - take your studies seriously, you never know what will become of them!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 23 seconds

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