Ronnie Pearl vs. Nick Sparx vs. Tyler Royce (Every Man for Himself)

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Ronnie Pearl is a veteran of the independent wrestling scene. He's traveled the Midwest and Southeast United States showing off his million dollar body in small town venues. 

Tyler Royce is just starting out in the pro wrestling scene. He's been trained by some well-known pros, but needs to gain some experience before he really shines. 

Nick Sparx has pro aspirations and a pro attitude, but finds it hard to take the necessary time to train between his real jobs and his education. 

The three distinct personalities make this a great match-up. Ronnie and Nick bond almost instantly over their perceived rank over the rookie, Tyler Royce. The match starts off with two men in the ring and one man standing on the ring apron waiting to be tagged in. Action starts and stays hard and heavy with several body pounding strikes to to the muscled physiques of the competitors. You can hear flesh hit flesh.

Ronnie takes charge as the veteran and leads to the first double-team when he calls in "the kid" to take advantage of a trapped Nick Sparx. However, you aren't gonna take Nick out of the equation so easily. All three of these men have loads of stamina and can take a beating. 

Between the three wrestlers, there are lots of double-team AND double-cross opportunities. As with most three-ways, you start to wonder who you can trust, if anyone.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 55 seconds

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