Ronnie Pearl vs. Nick Sparx

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Ronnie Pearl’s body of work is as impressive as his actual body. Can we talk about those abs? This boss man looks like he should be riding across exotic locations with Khal Drogo and the other Dothraki...and he knows it. When Nick Sparx disrupts the horse lord’s flex session, there will be hell to pay. 

Sparx hits the floor with a thud, bicep straps blowing back from the momentum. Shiny white boots glint in the light as their wearer feels his head wrenched backward by the hair, his arm forced into an unnatural position, and his own impressive abs pounded with fists, and later, boots. 

Soon those boots are driving into his lower back, as that handsome smile twists into an expression of agony, humiliation, and supplication. These guys appear to be evenly matched, but Pearl leaves no window opportunity for self-failure. Can Sparx get back on his own two feet and defeat this paragon of strength, or is this a straight up squash job? Expert pro action from two build bros.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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