Ronnie Pearl vs. Marco Thunder

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Everybody fantasizes about muscle. It’s a universal fact. Muscle has a certain mystique. Everybody wants it. Everybody likes it. Ancient civilizations created stone sculptures to honor the possibilities of human musculature. Everybody wants to harness the magic of muscle-bound perfection and bend it to their will. 

Well, Marco Thunder and Ronnie Pearl have done just that. Seeing them together in the ring is like seeing two impossibly built statues come to life. Their hard bodies are in full bloom, from sturdy shoulders to burly backs...from strapping abs to beefy biceps. It’s a mesomorphic manmeat explosion up in here. And, there’s a championship belt on the line. 

Marco finds himself rope-bound and beaten. That perfectly defined abdominal area takes one hell of a beating. Pearl finds himself in a similar situation, his sweaty back arched, his chin wrenched backward, while his killer abs take a beating of their own. 

“Are you crying?” laughs Thunder. 

“Shut up!” sobs Pearl. 

“I’ll make you cry some more!”

Will Marco keep his belt, or will Pearl snatch it away? Find out in this brawny battle.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 43 seconds

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