Ronnie Pearl vs. Jobe Zander

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Jobe Zander stares down his young, hot, muscular opponent Ronnie Pearl without betraying even a moment’s doubt. The few seconds before that satisfying slap together feels like an eternity, leading to a tie up filled with dips and rises. Each man arrives with different skills. Neither one is all winner or all loser. 

Zander manages to swing a pleading Pearl around the ring as if he weighed nothing at all. Zander applies a killer backbreaker with ease, affording viewers a front and center view of Pearl’s sizable package and massive thighs. It’s almost a shame this isn’t a nut busting battle. 

The muscle man struggles in the more mature fighter’s grip, only finding his power again after a eating mat for almost eight minutes straight. Finally, he’s had enough, burying Zander in the corner with a thunderstorm of flying fists that make his every detailed back muscle shimmer in the light. 

Can Zander get his edge back and teach this paragon of physical perfection a lesson, or will the lean wolf remain cornered, clobbered, and crushed?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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