Ronnie Pearl vs. Drew Harper (Guest Ref)

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Dark-blond rookie Drew Harper is back, and we get treated to the full splendor of his muscular shoulders and biceps as Ref Slade Gorman helps him out with some upper body stretches. Harper is in skimpy yellow briefs that leave little to the imagination. And the silver daddy lovers out there will enjoy that Ref Slade is showing off his impossibly vascular thigh muscles in a silver pouch that is equally impressive. 

Enter perennial King of the Ring, Ronnie Pearl, in red, white and blue glory. His tight blue trunks are emblazoned with a star right where you would want it to be. Pearl always shows up ripped and ready to go for his fans. Harper has heard of Pearl and that he never loses, and Harper has the audacity, or maybe just the balls, to thinks he can change that. Harper is still a rookie, but he’s clearly spent some time in training, because he has the moves. But does he have the stamina to take it home? 

Harper starts strong, immobilizing Pearl with an Anaconda, but in a sign of curious things to come, Ref comes in and starts massaging Harper’s pecs, as if to distract him with such a WTF! move. It doesn’t work, and Harper keeps his grip, so Ref is going to have to resort to playing a little dirtier. Could Pearl have paid off Ref to ensure the strapping rookie doesn’t break his winning streak? Because Harper starts a streak of his own, body slamming and bear hugging Pearl into a place he’s not used to: flat on his back, trying to catch his breath. And Harper gets right back in, rolling one leg up towards Pearl’s face so he can get better leverage on his headlock. Pearl is not happy, but you get an awesome view of something else that’s not usually seen - Pearl’s ass up, legs spread exposure of that substantial meat and potatoes. There’s no doubt why he’s known as Ravishing Ronnie. 

Harper continues his assault with a variety of moves including a fantastic full nelson, and a face-down chicken wing with an ankle lock, but Pearl keeps managing to avoid a tap out. Pearl counters with his reliable array of compression holds, elbow drops, and a truly painful half camel clutch with a cross-face and a chinlock. But his long-time fans will be surprised that despite his best efforts, Pearl spends a lot of time in this match being stretched to the max, those ripped muscles being flexed in new directions. If he loses, maybe he can teach a class for heels to learn how to sell the suffering. 

Will the rookie pull off a stunning upset, or will Ref get in the game and ensure Pearl’s record stays intact? We are pretty sure you are going to be surprised at how this ends, and this one time you really have to watch to find out. 

Run-time: 21 minutes, 45 seconds

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