Ronnie J vs. Sid Shaw

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There have been some weird dudes in the annals of professional wrestling.  The Ugandan Giant - Kamala, George the Animal Steele, and now, Sid Shaw.  Although maybe just a hair towards the conventional than the previous two mentioned, I daresay that you have never seen anyone like Sid Shaw in the halls of W4H before.  At first controlled by Ronnie J, even in his getting thrown down in tests of strength, the way Sid almost prowls around the ring is one of the first indications that he is not your run of the mill underground wrestler.  When he finally does get Ronnie Jo face down in the middle of the ring, he begins to bite Ronnie's ass in satisfaction.
The uneasiness doesn't stop there though.  After some extended punishment of Ronnie's pecs, Sid traps Ronnie sitting in the corner, and like a bull charging at a red cape, headbutts Ronnie's crotch.  As Ronnie screams in pain, Sid takes time to smell his prey, up his leg, over his crotch and into his upper body.  More pain is delivered as Ronnie is draped between the ropes and when Ronnie is once more brought back into the ring, a sleeper is applied and what one would thing is the end of Ronnie is about to occur, courtesy of the strange Sid Shaw.
But Sid is not done yet, once again taking in Ronnie's scent, he moves to straddle Ronnie's chest and then, licking his hand, he applies an all too forgotten move of the Iron Claw, which awakens Ronnie to intense pain, only to have him fade back into unconsciousness as the hold is more firmly in place.  Finally, Ronnie's torture is over and Sid sadism is satiated.  One can't help but wonder what goes through the mind of an individual like Sid Shaw.  Is his odd behavior a product of his nature or his nurture?  We m ay never find out. Truly one of the most unique talents to ever step into a W4H ring.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  24 minutes, 32 seconds

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