Ronnie J vs. Mark Muscle

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Mark Muscle is on the mat with a newbie - Ronnie J.  Off in the distance, you can hear other matches that are going on and the two start chatting while arm wrestling.  As Mark easily defeats Ronnie, Mark then states that the powers that be in W4H ask Mark to show Ronnie the ropes and work him over.  Never one to shirk a duty, Mark starts right in, trapping Ronnie in the first of what will be many bearhugs throughout the match.  From the very beginning, Ronnie is screaming, begging for air, something that will become a dwindling supply as the match progresses.
Mark eventually releases the bearhug, but only so that he can pick Ronnie up and dump him onto the mat.  From there, he stretches Ronnie's leg beyond its normal position, only to pick him up again and slap on a front to back bearhug this time.  Chokeholds give way to leg scissors, which morph into abdominal claws and then into just brutal chokes on the newbie, all while Mark Muscle revels in his handiwork.  Ronnie has little time to recuperate or mount any offense in the bout, as Mark trash talks Ronnie, exclaiming, "You suck."
Arm bars turn into tests of strength (which Mark wins handily) and then into a modified Boston Crab as Mark's large frame sits on the lower back of the prone Ronnie.  Mark uses every opportunity to punish Ronnie, place his large foot on the crotch, neck and midsection of the reeling Ronnie.  The outcome of this bout was never really in doubt, and Mark's experience in the ring provides him with yet another advantage over the newbie Ronnie.  So although less than a stellar debut for Ronnie, I doubt it will be one he will soon forget!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 00 seconds

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