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Joey McCoy versus Logan Scion

Word to the wise, always check your bed before you get into it.  Here, Logan Scion is climbing into bed when suddenly he realizes, there is something under him.....and that something is Joey McCoy.  The two argue about whose bed it actually is until one decides to take matters into their own hands and just try and beat the other into submission and claim that bed as their prize.  Well, neither thinks that is a very good idea and so we have a genuine wrestling match with the winner getting use of the bed for the night. 

Now, one would think that Joey's size would work against him, however, what Joey lacks in size and power he more than makes up for with speed and execution.  Joey manages to place Logan in several devastating moves, using his own legs to tie up Logan, and also placing Logan in an excruciating spladle.  Not that Logan isn't without his moments, but his early offense for the most part peters out, leaving Joey to slap on a full nelson so tight that Logan virtually loses consciousness from the pressure.  Leaving Logan to enjoy his place on the floor, Joey quickly jumps back into the bed and begins his sleep anew. 

A great bout with actual stakes for the two combatants in this one will make this a winner for you!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 59 seconds

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