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Vinny versus Raphael

Let's face it, Vinny is used to coming out on top in most of his matches.  He certainly has taken his lumps, but overall, he was a pretty impressive win-loss record. 

So here, when he faces an obviously enthusiastic Raphael, he may be in for one of his first real challenges.  Raphael is not only hyped up, but he is quick and agile, able to slither away from many holds.  It is not surprising that Vinny does his best to keep Raphael down on the mat, countering Raphael's speed.  Raphael manages to get Vinny in several power moves himself, from Boston Crab's to arm bars to leg scissors.  Vinny, not to be outdone, ramps up the offense as well, all in attempt to put Raphael down for good. 

Vinny is also known for putting his opponents to sleep at the end of his matches as well.  He may have a more difficult time getting that slapped on Raphael.  What I can tell you is that the match ends not with a wrestler being put to sleep, but with a move that is so painful one grappler quickly taps out.  But is it Vinny keeping his streak alive or has Raphael found the magic ingredient to use against Vinny and cut him down to size. 

I would love to just tell you, but you'llhave to watch to find out!  You'll be glad you did!
Total running time:  22 minutes, 19 seconds

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Matt Fletcher

Although this match is very stop and start with some camera issue at the start, overall it was worth the purchase.
Great guys, good match

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