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Brendan Byers versus Johnny Greco

It's important that people take pride in where they work.  So it's not surprising that Johnny Greco is sweeping up the ring to make sure it is kept in presentable condition.  In comes Brendan Byers who quickly tells Johnny that he has missed some spots and before long, Brendan has used the broom handle to choke Johnny down to the mat.  Some blows to the back with the broom handle further to weaken Johnny in what will become a very long session of pain as delivered by the much larger and beefier Brendan.  
Brendan uses every inch of the recently cleaned ring to punish Johnny.  Camel clutch in the middle of the ring, draping Johnny over the ring ropes choking him some more...you name it, Brendan does it to a seemingly out of it Johnny.  Brendan knows when he has hurt Johnny as well, and as if the camel clutch and knees to the back aren't enough, Brendan then delivers multiple bodyslams that leaves Johnny writhing in pain, just hoping what he is experiencing will soon end.  Spoiler alert:  it won't.
You have to hand it to Brendan, he is a very focused individual, and in this match, the focus is all on Johnny's back.  Even with everything he has already done to Johnny, Brendan still finds ways to work in a Boston crab and slamming Johny's lower back into the ring post to up the pain.  There is nothing he will not do.  It is no secret that Brendan's favorite move is the tombstone, and this is no different as Johnny is finally done away with once and for all with a devastating tombstone.  If you enjoy a total squash job of a young muscular stud, this match will tick all your boxes!
Total running time:  20 minutes, 6 seconds

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