Ricky Vegas vs. Max Ryder & Chad Daniels (My Nuts, Bro)

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Poor Ricky Vegas can’t catch a break. Tall and twisted Max and Chad have heard how tough Ricky is and they’re determined to beat on him like a coupla big brothers. Both bullies are attired in green shamrock gear, but Ricky is no leprechaun...he’s a BEAST! 

Ricky, despite his limited stature, is a muscle stud in his own right, with an impressive package, and absoloutely no fear of the big, dumb dudes who have it out for him. Ricky leaves Max stretched out in the corner of the ring cradling his bruised and beaten balls. Chad gets a knee in the groin that wrecks him. Max gets fists and then forearm in his junk, and a bouncing Ricky treating his epic abs like a trampoline. 

Now Ricky’s having fun. Both big men are beaten and breathless, so he goes to town abusing their pectorals and nips. Pale Chad is left with red marks on his pulverized chest. Ricky force facesits Max, then gets so rough with his pecs the big punk is sweating and sobbing. It’s over twenty minutes of total abuse from the little man with the big dick, and even bigger spirit! 

Total Runtime - 22 minutes, 12 seconds

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