Ricky Felix vs. Chace LaChance

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Chace LaChance is thrilled to be back in the ring again.  After too long an absence, Chace can finally once again do what he loves, put the hurt on his opponents and dish out punishment to lesser skilled wrestlers.  But what happens when Chace is finally paired with someone who has equal, if not more experience in the squared circle?  That is the issue Chace faces when he finds himself staring across the ring at Ricky Felix.  You see, although Chace is an impressive specimen, having bulked up even more in his absence, Ricky is not that impressed since he knows he has the skill necessary to beat the bigger LaChance.
And so begins what turns out to be a rather evenly matched bout, with Ricky getting the initial jump on Chace.  Chace appears to be somewhat surprised, as he falls victim to the a suprise kick to midsection followed by multiple moves designed to weaken Chace's core, a reverse bearhug, a ab claw and other holds all leave Chace gasping for air until we hear Chace utter something we rarely if ever have heard before, "I quit.".  Not satisfied with the submission, Ricky continues the assault until he finally puts Chace out with a Dragon sleeper.  
Chace has not earned the reputation he has in the ring by being a pushover, however, and he comes roaring back in the next fall with power moves of his own.  Using his incrased upper body, a series of shoulders to Ricky's medsection, blows to the back of Ricky and then a tightly held sleeper hold of his own evens up the score in the match.  With everything now square, that only leaves the short but decisive third fall to finally determine a winner, but will it be the returning Chace who notches the victory, or will the wily and slippery Ricky defeat the fan favorite LaChance?  You'll have to watch to find out.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 39 seconds

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