Reyes Valenti vs. Max Faber

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Reyes and Faber circle like gladiators in the center of the locker room. Caramel colored hunks with lean, muscular hairy, one smooth. They lockup within seconds, grunting like beasts in the wild, Reyes’ flawless hair swinging like a Manga character. All too soon he finds his head clamped between Faber’s hairy, hard thighs...Faber’s handsome face twisted in an expression of rage and aggression. He arches his back, straightening his legs in a way that leaves Reyes utterly helpless. When he finally gets out, it’s because Faber is bored and has other ways to play with his  new toy.

Reyes succeeds in trapping Faber in an effective scissor nelson combo that blossoms into a sleeper. Faber’s deep, sexy armpits are exposed and his perfect, white teeth clench in pain. It’s nice to see the smaller, prettier wrestler turn the pain on, but when Faber’s had enough it’s all schoolboy pins, sweaty facesitting, mouth-to-balls torture. Reyes finds his pretty face clenched so tightly, his delicate artist hands ripped away from those painful, soul-crushing thighs as the camera moves in so close you can practically smell the forest of hair covering Faber’s killer legs.

Reyes is rocked like a baby in Faber’s grip, as the dominant fighter takes every opportunity to flex and humiliate his prey, pulling Reyes’ hair, and applying his full weight to the jobber’s neck and face. To his credit, Reyes never stops fighting back...for all the good it does him.

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 26 seconds

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