Reyes Valenti vs. Lucky Larsen

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A dark locker room is a place where fantasies come true. You can practically smell the testosterone in the air from all those hardbodies bruisers asserting their swollen masculinity. Too long have locker rooms belonged exclusively to meaty jock fantasies. Not today. Today’s wrestlers exude style, intelligence, and self confidence. More beautiful than handsome, they favor a qualities that step outside of the expected, and their approaches to aggression and combat are unique as well, more catty than clobbering.

Bespectacled Reyes sits barefoot in red speedos, deep in his phone as the ice queen Lucky breezes by in his trademark white fur cape. With a broad, warm grin, the ice queen snatches Reyes’ phone and challenges him with playful trash talk. They size each other up with obvious interest, allowing their eyes to travel the length of one another’s bodies twice over, their words tied up in flirtatious ribbons.

Reyes purrs like a kitten in response to Lucky’s good natured digs at his glasses and attire. After all, who is Lucky to knock anybody’s attire in his sparkling kicks? Smooth, slim bodies lock together like legos, with Lucky getting Reyes in a hot full nelson.

“Like that, four-eyes?” laughs Lucky, his smooth head already glistening with sweat. Raunchy Reyes catches Lucky between his thighs, serving up a facefull of balls. Lucky responds with a body scissor nelson combo, but never quite manages to lock his sparkly kicks together at the heels, offering Reyes a golden opportunity to wriggle free and return the favor with bewildering speed, locking up his soft bare feet and stretching Lucky out so his washboard abs are stunningly exposed.

Lucky responds by nearly smothering Reyes with his juicy ass, until Reyes roll him over and sits on Lucky’s face. It’s a give-and-take team up with TONS of sweaty, taunting facesitting, crotch and ass smothering (“Eat it! Eat it bitch! Suck it!”), nipple pinching, ball crushing, and catty trash talk between two beautiful men who can’t seem to get enough of that hot body-to-body contact!

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 44 seconds

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